Wednesday 12 June 2024

Frugal Film Project 2024 - May - 35mm

 I am always leaving things to the last minute and it's something I will forever struggle with. Don't ask me why it keeps happening, I have no idea, it just seems to work out that way. Thus it was that I went for an afternoon walk around the local farm on May 31st 2024. I loaded my OM101 with Kentmere 400 and headed out to say hello to the horses who are back in the fields for the summer. One day I will do this in the first week, not the last.

I had taken a couple of shots in Wigan a day or two earlier and I just wasn't feeling it. I was more concerned with finishing my medium format film, so I left it and I was glad I did to be honest. The light was never going to magically become perfect, it was a hazy afternoon, but better than a few days earlier.

I always enjoy seeing the horses in their fields. They have become accustomed to the strange human with the clicky box thing coming to say hello. They were waiting patiently for their humans to come and see them when I arrived. Horses are quite pragmatic, they tend to trust those who care for them and know when it's time for their humans to arrive. They will also not turn down a treat from passing strangers.

This is a strict NO! If you're walking in the countryside, don't feed or touch any livestock you may encounter on your travels. Horses can get Colic from a number of things, at best it is very painful and can be fatal in the worst cases. You don't know if a horse or a pony has a special diet, so it's best to leave their food up to their humans. You can say hello, horses don't mind you stopping by for a little chat, but it will be a one way conversation. I don't mind that, I was having fun and it seemed like I was only out for 10 minutes when I finished my film and headed home.

I developed my roll of Kentmere 400 with HC110 1+31 dilution B for 6 minutes at 20 celcius and soon had it hanging to dry in my bathroom. I digitised it with my Nikon D700, Tamron Adaptall 2 90mm f/2.5 macro lens, Valoi 35mm film holder, Pixl-Latr and A5 size led light pad. I processed the RAW files with Affinity Photo 2.

I enjoyed my walk to visit the horses. It's always good to get out after a few days of rain and cloudy weather. Here's a few of my favorites from my May roll of Kentmere 400 35mm B&W film for the Frugal Film Project 2024. I have put them and more in my Frugal Film Project 2024 35mm album on Flickr you can visit using the link below. I hope you enjoy them.

Frugal Film Project 2024 - May - 35mm

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